Aaron Tansley (Forest Resources Management)

The Sharing Farm, Richmond, BC

Aaron Tansley

My second co-op work term is with The Sharing Farm located in Richmond, BC. The Sharing Farm is a community supported farm that donates over 20,000 pounds of food every year to families in need. My responsibilities on the farm included preparing beds to be seeded, removing unwanted and invasive plants, maintaining vegetation within greenhouses, harvesting and processing crops, attending farmer’s markets, working with volunteer groups, assisting in the community supported agriculture harvest basket program, and helping the farm administrator with beekeeping. During my time working at The Sharing Farm I’ve been given the opportunity to see the processes required to manage a farm, and the problems that a farm located in an urban environment causes. I recommend the co-op program to all students as it’s an excellent way for students to gain invaluable work experience in their field of study, and to expand their horizons.

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