Alexander Boulay (Wood Products Processing)

West Fraser, Slave Lake, AB

Alexander Boulay

The first four months of my time as the Quality Control Supervisor at the West Fraser Mills veneer plant in Slave Lake has allowed me to learn a lot about the wood industry in general as well as the specific challenges facing veneer and plywood manufacturing. I learned a lot about the little details that can’t be conveyed in a lecture. In addition to my role as QC, I also spend time working on different projects ranging from log length studies to up-time tracking and trending. In addition to acquiring new technical skills and knowledge, I was also exposed to being a supervisor for the first time. I was able to improve my people skills, I learned how to work with different personalities of people and how to approach different situations. These kinds of skills can’t be learned by sitting in a lecture hall or reading a textbook. Co-op is a rewarding and educational experience and you will get out of it what you put into it.

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