Alexia Constantinou (Forest Sciences)

Metsahallitus, Finland

Alexia Constantinou

One of the best ways to prepare ourselves for globalization and the new economy is to fully engage in our studies, and to seek out experiential education opportunities that will bring theory and practice together. And what better way to do that is with an international co-op experience.
As a student in the Forest Sciences program I am interested in learning as much as I can, and one of the leading jurisdictions for progressive forestry practices in the world is the government of Finland. This summer I had the opportunity to participate in a three-month co-op with Metsahallitus – the Finnish State-owned forestry company, to learn first hand about its approach to sustainable forestry practices and its renowned planning processes.
My assignment was situated in Pudasjarvi – a remote part of lower Lapland and I had the opportunity to work with planners, implement conservation methods and monitoring exercises, as well as planting as part of a regeneration exercise.
Co-op for me means learning on the ground, from real practitioners, and positioning myself to be a formidable candidate in an increasingly global marketplace. Coming home with new experiences, ideas and skills means I will be ready for my career.

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