Ali Bader (Natural Resources Conservation)

Environmental Technician with Acciona in Vancouver, BC

Before starting this co-op term, I had zero experience working in and kind of Environmental Monitoring jobs or even working in the construction industry. I couldn’t even picture what to expect when I was hired as an Environmental Monitor for the Pattullo Bridge Replacement Project for an eight month co-op term. After a difficult first month where I was thrust into an ongoing project with severe staff shortages and put in charge of environmentally monitoring high risk in river construction activities, I questioned whether I could even see the work term through.

However, being placed in such a fast paced environment with heavy responsibilities allowed me to see just how much I could really shoulder. What seemed overwhelming in the beginning is now something my peers and I consider effortlessly good at, and I have successfully made it through most of the term (at the time of writing) with zero poor performance incidents and a lot of connections. A successful co-op term for sure. The sheer amount of technical skills I have learned aside, above all else, I have learned that even the most daunting jobs are well within my capability.

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