Alina (Huizi) Wang (Wood Products Processing)

West Fraser Lumber Co  – Williams Lake, BC

Alina Wang

As one of Canada’s top 100 employers, West Fraser committed to offer exceptional workplaces for its employees. As a Coop student working for West Fraser, I have been provided a variety of opportunities to learn, to share and to explore. Until now, I have been working for Williams Lake Sawmill for 3 months. And during the past three months, I have developed grade checking skills, Liner High Grader (LHG) maintenance and calibration skills, products quality analysis and control skills, trouble shooting skills and so on. I am also involved in several projects for improving productivity. This coop term is quite enjoyable so far not only because I learned so many skills but also because people that I work with are so friendly and willing to share their experience. I believe that after this coop term I will become a professional quality control personnel for sawmill.

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