Amber Hansen (Forestry)

Canadian Forest Products Ltd., Mackenzie, B.C.

Amber Hansen

I spent my fourth co-op work term working as part of the Canfor Mackenzie field operations crew. Working in field operations has given me an up close and personal look at the work and preparation required before a block can be harvested. I have been doing everything from laying out boundaries, to traversing roads, to determining the site series of a given area. Canfor has been an excellent company to work for as they have a strong safety culture and training regime to help keep me safe out in the woods. Aside from lots of hard work, I have had the opportunity for a ton of super outdoor recreation around Mackenzie. I recommend co-op to anyone who wants to get out and explore our beautiful province and beyond.Co-op also gives me a leg up in the classroom where I have real world experience to contextualize the information presented in lectures and labs.

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