An Hoang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Outreach Team Member with Parks Canada in Vancouver, BC

This term, I am returning to Parks Canada as a Public Outreach and Education student! When I’m not outside outreaching to the public about how to be safe outdoors and how to protect our beautiful killer whales in BC, I’m developing virtual programs for kids at the Canucks Autism Network to teach them about species at risk! Some of the species at risk that I get to work with this term are: grizzly bears, bats, sea otters, southern resident killer whales, salmon, and the Pacific great blue heron. The Forestry Coop program has allowed me to bring my passion for conservation advocacy to life and given me the chance to work for a federal institution.

Over the past couple of months, I have learned to effectively communicate with my team members and my supervisor to develop and deliver the best possible programs for the general public in Canada. Thanks to my Environmental Communications courses at UBC Forestry, I have learned how powerful and empowering framing can be when I’m talking to different audiences. Not only that, the conservation and resource management backgrounds that UBC Forestry has provided me with has given me the knowledge and confidence to inspire so many members of the Canadian public, many of whom are our future leaders!

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