An Hoang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Wilderness Foundation Africa Representative with Wilderness Foundation Africa Association in Vietnam

An giving a presentation.

I’m excited to return to Wilderness Foundation Africa as a Wild Rhino Representative and Project Coordinator for my fourth Coop term. As the only member of this South African organization who’s working in Vietnam, I have learned how to work independently and responsibly. Because this is my second term in this position, my responsibilities have increased from establishing new connections, outreaching, and hosting school events to also include initiating new projects such as developing educational materials, hosting more formal seminars, training volunteers, and kickstarting a new comic book for Wild Rhino. Working for an NGO has taught me to become a Jack-of-all-trades and enhanced my ability to be flexible and adaptable. Everything that I do for Wild Rhino is to raise awareness about the rhino poaching crisis and to stop the demand for rhino horn in Asian countries, especially Vietnam. The Forestry Coop Program has provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with the NGO that guided me to conservation in the first place as well as to gain work experience in Vietnam, my hometown.

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