An Hoang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Outreach Team Member at Parks Canada in Vancouver, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op Student, An Hoang, is standing and smiling in front of a Parks Canada booth.

For my first Coop term, I am extremely delighted to join Parks Canada’s Vancouver Outreach Team family. I am given the opportunity to challenge myself in building my own personal knowledge library about Canada’s species at risk and human-wildlife coexistence. Currently, I am raising awareness about wildlife cameras projects in our National Parks, fire as a regenerative process of our forests, whitebark pine as an endangered species, and how to be ParkSmart to the general Vancouver public. I am tremendously excited to have found new confidence in myself as an interpreter and as an educator. 

Being in a workplace with a strong feedback culture, I have also learned how to respectfully communicate and receive constructive feedback from my colleagues and supervisors. As well, I have learned to be adaptive, creative, and professional in how I resolve unforeseen situations. I am looking forward to what the future holds and to continue giving my best in every workplace.

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