Andrew Ho (Wood Products Processing)

California Closets, Burnaby, BC

Andrew Ho

For my second co-op placement, I had the opportunity to work for California Closets. I was trained in every department from production to installation of cabinets. Throughout this experience, I was able to learn firsthand how to operate all the machines, including programming the machines to improve efficiency, getting familiar with manufacturing processes, helping with inventory and installing cabinets in clients’ households. In addition, I also learned how to troubleshoot a machine when it is down and fixed the problem. What I enjoyed the most during my co-op work term was being able to network with industry people and learning how to run an efficient company which cannot be learned in school. Furthermore, I learned that communication plays a very important role in running a business. Being part of the Co-op Program not only helped me gain communication and interpersonal skills, it enhanced the connection between what I am learning in school with an actual workplace which can help me in my future career. From this experience, I’ve learned to be more proactive and responsible as an employee and student.

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