Annie Wang (Wood Products Processing)

Loewen Windows Inc., Steinbach, MB

Annie Wang

This winter, I worked as a Wood Processing Engineer at Loewen Windows Inc. I helped with various ongoing projects ranging from improving manufacturing procedures to establishing procedures of lumber quality inspection. My coworkers and I analyzed the potential waste of the current processing line for glazing stops as well. This is a piece of millwork that connects and supports the glass to hold it in place. In this project, our goals included improving processing procedures, eliminating waste and saving labor hours. I am lucky to be chosen as one of the core members in establishing jag standards, inspecting lumber quality, increasing products yields and keeping our lumber suppliers accountable for their products. Moreover, I joined a Cutstock Optimization project to redesign cutstock and ensure Loewen remains as cost effective as possible. I really enjoyed working with my coworkers at Loewen. They are knowledgeable and their words inspired confidence in me. This co-op experience has offered me many opportunities to connect my academic knowledge with the wood industry. Last but not least, I appreciated the UBC Co-op Program and Loewen Windows Inc. for providing me with this amazing co-op work term opportunity.

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