Bari Hanus (Natural Resources Conservation)

Integrated Pest Management Technician at E.S. Cropconsult in Surrey, BC, Canada

For my co-op term this summer I had the great opportunity to work as a Cranberry Integrated Pest Management Technician for E.S. Cropconsult. Each week I monitored over 100 cranberry fields throughout the Fraser Valley in British Columbia and got to visit beautiful cranberry farms. I learnt how to identify various cranberry pests and visually monitored fields and pheromone traps. I also analyzed field samples under the microscope and was able to apply laboratory skills I have gained from my courses in Forestry. I was able to develop a better understanding of cranberry production and learn more about consulting. I enjoyed my co-op term and it allowed me to gain more fieldwork experience and help me to build my resume, which are some main reasons I joined the co-op program. 

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