Bernadette Uy (Urban Forestry)

Summer Camp Leader at Vancouver Botanical Gardens Associations in Vancouver, BC

Bernadette holding a poster and smiling.

This summer, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of working at VanDusen Botanical Gardens as a Camp Leader for their Summer Nature Camps. My work focuses on getting children excited about nature and facilitating a safe space for kids to explore nature’s wonders amidst the vast biodiversity of the Garden. This involves planning, preparing, and leading a summer full of engaging hands-on games, crafts, and experiments that present scientific concepts in an approachable and memorable way. Seeing the campers so curious about plants and animals and watching the lessons click for them has been very fulfilling. From plant anatomy to decomposition, to mycorrhizal networks and native trees and wildlife, this position has challenged me to use what I’ve learned in forestry courses while contributing to nature exposure, connection, and urban green space accessibility in my local community. I am grateful for the opportunity the Forestry Co-op program has helped given me to develop my professional skills and look forward to continue contributing to nature programs in parks and green spaces.

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