Bilal Sayed (Conservation)

SNAP, Surrey, BC

Within the first couple weeks working with SNAP (Surrey’s Natural Areas Partnership) I had already learned so much thanks to the Green Timbers Heritage Society, the city of Surrey and the UBC Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program for getting me to this position. I learned about the importance of urban natural areas in our cities and all about invasive plant removal, the addition of tree wells around the base of urban trees for protection and much more. Working in the large municipality of Surrey I came across diverse landscapes and countless number of parks and as part of the urban outreach team I educated the public and promoted the stewardship of these natural areas which are critical to the longevity of our natural ecosystems and the overall well-being of our cities and our planet. I have entered a hub of kind, intelligent and passionate people who are all working to strive towards a better planet who can be friends, and great contacts for future job prospects or advising. Co-op prepared me to enter the world of forestry professionally and for that I am grateful.

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