Brittany Bonapace (Natural Resources Conservation)

Walker Industries, St. Catharines, Ontario

Brittany Bonapace

This is my first co-op work term and I am spending it in St. Catharines in Southern Ontario. I am working for Walker Industries in the Environmental Group and in the short time that I have been working here I have already learned more than I imagined I would. My weeks are split up between working at the compost site doing various jobs, traveling around to all the different sites in southern Ontario and working in the main WEG (Walker Environmental Group) office. The first couple of weeks were information overload, but now I am confident in my day-to-day jobs.  I have had many opportunities to go out and do some water sampling on and off-site which was one of my main goals to try and do this summer. I am glad that I joined co-op because I believe that it helped me to strive for a job in my field of study that I may not have looked at before and it has helped me to get a head start on others.

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