Carmen Taylor (Bachelor of Science in Forest Sciences)


During my first co-op work term, I worked within the research department at the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations as a Silvicultural Systems Research Assistant. My time working at the Ministry has been incredibly valuable as it has given me the opportunity to explore professions that interest me after I finish my degree. My supervisor has provided incredible insight and instruction that inspires me to continue on with my learning at UBC. During this work term, I was actively involved in setting up Growth and Yield research plots, as well as participating in other current government research trials. Not only has my placement enabled me to expand my knowledge of the forestry industry, but it has also granted me the opportunity to experience working within a field team- allowing me to gain practical, hands-on experience. I feel confident that both this position and being a part of UBC Forestry co-op will has provided me the skills needed to balance my academic learning with the experience to back it up.

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