Carolina Rodriguez (Natural Resources Conservation)

BSCN – La Hesperia Reserve, Remotely from Vancouver

I was surprised by how much I have enjoyed working remotely, being able to help a local NGO near my hometown in Ecuador while being in Vancouver was like having the best of both worlds. Finding my way through the online-working world has been a fantastic challenge that has allow me to develop a whole lot of new skills. As an assistant project manager, I have focused on planning and administrating the transition of the NGO towards an effective virtual setting. In just little bit over than two months I have designed a strong and clear virtual identity (website development, social media strategies), secured international and national partnerships and updated reports for the Ministry of Environment. Working alongside passionate experts in conservation has been an incredible platform in which I got comfortable with self-directed work, planned, lead and supervised projects, and unlocked priceless advice. The support of the co-op team has been the key for me to get where I am; this work-term has gotten me closer than ever to the kind of work I see myself doing in the future and I feel very excited about the huge opportunities out there waiting to be found.

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