Christina Howard (Conservation)

Natural Resources Canada, Victoria, BC

Christina Howard

This past winter, I worked with Natural Resources Canada as a Climate Change Mitigation Modelling Analyst.  This work prepared me for future endeavours in research, data analysis, and scientific communication.  Each day within the office felt like a new and different day, and I was given the freedom to pursue my own ideas and methods.  This position has required and allowed me to expand upon my knowledge of related topics and develop my technical skills. Whether learning to code in the computer language R, or writing a government report, I can confidently say that I left this workplace with many more skills than I arrived with. This experience has helped me understand the value of my degree in Natural Resources Conservation, as well as the opportunities the co-op program can offer to me as a student. The courses offered to students in computer applications as well as sustainable forest policy have prepared me for success at this placement.  Those academic experiences, combined with the skills I have developed within the co-op program, have allowed me to apply my knowledge in a real-world working situation.  While this position has challenged me in many ways, I can honestly say that it is this challenge that has allowed me to enjoy this placement so thoroughly.

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