Christopher Quilty

Industrial Forestry Service

Chris Quilty

For my first co-op work term I worked for Industrial Forestry Service in Dawson Creek where I helped complete multiphase block development contracts. This exposed me to different aspects of consulting work, starting with block reconnaissance where I had to identify major tree species and terrain features such as streams and unsafe slopes to help determine the viability of proposed area to be harvested. I was also exposed to block layout and road layout where I had to identify good quality timber to determine the harvest area ensuring that the timber was in safe terrain for harvesting and could be transported out of the block. For road layout, I had to determine whether slopes and terrain permitted roads along proposed pathways. This work term also introduced me to timber cruising and the rules regarding what will pass or fail a cruising plot as well as different forestry tools including increment bores, DBH tapes and clinometers and laser height measurement tools. I was also exposed to seeding contracts where we spread seeds along deactivated roads within blocks and along access roads to speed succession in the compacted areas. This was an experience that helped build my understanding of how contracting companies complete daily work as well as helped build my own skills working alone and with others in wilderness settings.

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