Cody Lai (BUF)

Stellenbosch University – Stellenbosch, South Africa

Cody Lai

For my second co-op term, I was in South Africa working with the Stellenbosch University in the Forest and Science Department. This placement was beyond what I expected and it was a culture shock when I initially arrived. The culture and norms here are unlike Canada’s and it was a challenge to adapt. Differences extended from forestry operations to day to day living; For example, in South Africa plantation forestry is practiced (species monoculture) while in Canada natural growth forestry is more dominant. At the department, I helped conduct time study projects on forest harvesting and silvicultural processes. The information was used to improve productivity by changing procedures or workers performances in the job. My job position has also allowed me to travel all around South Africa such as Cape Town, Pretoria and Durban. This co-op term has been an amazing experience in diversify my knowledge in forestry and the world!

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