Daniela Camacho (Forestry)

UBC Advanced Renewable Materials Lab, Vancouver, BC

Daniela Camacho

During my four-month work term as a Research Assistant at the Advanced Renewable Materials Lab in the Wood Science Department at the University of British Columbia I was able to be part of extraordinary projects for the generation of novel bio-based materials. These materials are made from hemicellulose, which are polysaccharides found in the cell walls of plants. I really enjoyed working with such a hard working team to find creative methods for producing renewable materials and replace non-renewable ones such as plastic. I appreciate the opportunity to learn-by-doing in the lab and the constant support I received from my supervisors. Not only did I learn a lot more about the chemistry of wood but about the ground-breaking and innovative products that can be made from wood itself. This co-op work term has opened my eyes to so many possibilities in the wood industry and has made me excited for my next career shaping opportunity.

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