David Ruan (Forest Sciences)

Forsite, Fort St. John, BC

David Ruan

Although being a Forestry Technician is one of the most challenging jobs in the forestry industry, I really enjoy this position since I receive tons of valuable opportunities to gain experience and learn details about managing a timber harvest operation. Working for Forsite provides me with a unique chance to learn while being in the woods. The integrated analysis of the data from “recce”, boundary layout, road layout, traversing, stream assessing and timber cruising helps me to fully explore all the complexities within a block and helps us develop a detailed harvesting plan. More importantly, I have made strong friendships with my co-workers since one of the most crucial elements of working in forestry is being able to rely on your team. As shown in the picture to the left, sometimes a block is not as easy to get into as one might hope! Unexpected things always seem to happen in the forest but it is important not to let these challenges ruin your mood. I thank the UBC Forestry Co-op Program for giving me a tremendous amount of help in terms of crafting a resume and developing the skills needed for a successful interview with an employer

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