Devon Mase (Forestry)

E.S. Cropconsult Ltd., Richmond, BC

Devon Mase

Working as an Integrated Pest Management Field Technician at E.S. Cropconsult has made for an excellent and insightful experience. E.S. Cropconsult plays a vital role in monitoring farms throughout B.C. for signs of pest infestation and advising farmers on the best methods for controlling them. E.S. Cropconsult also engages in research to ensure they are able to adapt to changes in pest populations and/or the appearance of new pest species. My tasks were to collect samples and data in cranberry fields and report any infestations or anomalies to my supervisor. This involved installing and checking pheromone traps, doing surveys and collecting plant samples to be taken back to the office for more in-depth analysis. This experience has provided me with invaluable experience in research, data collection, teamwork, and working in outdoors for an extended period of time.These skills will be of great use to me in future Co-op work terms and my career.

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