Emma Cunningham (Natural Resource Conservation)

BC Conservation Foundation

For my second co-op term, I am working for the BC Conservation Foundation in partnership with Ducks Unlimited as a Spartina restoration field technician. My job includes the identification, mapping, and treatment of an invasive marine grass called Spartina. I have learned to identify the two most problematic species of Spartina in BC: Spartina anglica (English Cordgrass), and Spartina patens (Salt Meadow Cordgrass), as well as many native plants along the coast of BC. Throughout the summer I have gained extensive experience with field work in intertidal, mudflat, and salt marsh ecosystems, and familiarized with different methods of GPS including handheld devices and iPhone apps. This co-op work term has allowed me to gain valuable experience working directly within my field of study and provided me with a number of opportunities to obtain more qualifications and enhance my knowledge about environmental restoration.

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