En Jung Hwang (Natural Resources Conservation)

Sustainability Assistant with Solaires Enterprises Inc. in Victoria, BC

For my co-op work term I work remotely and occasionally meet with my team in person by renting a co-working space. As a Sustainability Assistant I help out with employee engagement by hosting the coffeechats, sending out monthly internal newsletters and organizing volunteer and well-being events. The main task I have been working on this term is making a type of Corporate Social Responsibility report, specifically a sustainability report for the company with my supervisor. This Corporate Social Responsibility report helps the business in seeing where their social impacts lie and can also help investors see an overall report from the company. Additionally, I have been working on the DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) program and the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles that can be also used for the report. 

I have been immersed into a new world of using my forestry knowledge and putting it into a business context and could not have gotten this opportunity if it weren’t for co-op. Co-op is a great way to work in different sectors of Forestry to see where your passion and interests are and overall a great way to diversify your job experience.

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