Esther Li (Urban Forestry)

Strategic Natural Resource Consultants, Campbell River, BC

Esther Li

I did my first work term with Strategic Natural Resource Consultants as an Assistant Timber Development Engineer in Campbell River, BC. The main focus of my job was to assist the Senior Forestry Engineer with their reconnaissance of forests and design the layout of the cutblock. I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to work in virgin, old-growth forests with ginormous red cedar, Douglas-fir, sitka spruce and mountain hemlock, and to traverse these forests where so few have set foot! I grew to have immense respect for forest engineers who work in the BC coastal forests, they have to deal with so much adversity, from traversing through salal, devil’s club and salmonberry twice as tall as a person and to be always working on the edge of a cliff, so it seems. During the first couple of weeks of the work term, I cored trees that looked like they were old growth, estimated their age and recorded data using a GPS. We also marked them as a “leave tree” if they had characteristics of an old growth tree. It was really interesting to see how this experience expanded my understanding of the role of forest engineers in protecting old growth forests.

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