Haina Luo (Natural Resources Conservation)

Sunrise Floral at Surrey, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op Student, Haina Luo is holding a fence at Sunrise Floral

Working in Sunrise Floral has been a great opportunity for me to learn more about farm work, understanding sustainability for farmers, and develop an understanding of local agricultural economics. Firstly, it allowed me to be outside. In this part, my background in Forestry helped me to do a better job of monitoring the field and take care of the organic wastes. My supervisor shared a lot of information with us about local farms. As more and more farmers are starting to care about being sustainable, local flower auctions allow them to maximize the use of their crops. It’s also hopeful to see large companies, like Safeway, getting their flowers mainly from local farms. The course I took about the globalization of production chain and food economics helped me be a better worker here an allowed me to learn more from the job. 

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