Hannah Crisp

BSCN – MFLNRORD, BC Timber Sales

I worked as a Forest Technologist at BC Timber Sales (BCTS) for work terms #3 and #4. I was unsure about moving to Northern B.C. last winter since I didn’t know much about the small town of Dawson Creek. When I arrived for work term #3 with FLNRORD in January, it was -30 degrees celcius and the days were very dark. But when the snow melted away to reveal the beauty of the Peace Region, I could not refuse the offer to stay an additional 8 months with BCTS. During the summer work term I had “bush adventures” in wildflower meadows and boreal forests every day: checking tree planters, conducting moose habitat surveys, planning silvicultural treatments and so much more. I collected a lot of overtime hours but still had the flexibility of a family-friendly government work schedule. During my fall work term I shadowed Professional Foresters in the field; lending a helping hand to my colleagues including planning foresters, road engineers, forest technologists and woodlands supervisors. Since I was the only co-op student in my office, my experience felt like being the only student in a course taught by multiple professors. Except this course was all hands-on with no exams and I am being paid to take it all in. It’s a win-win for me and my employer since they have now piqued my interest in a Northern career in forestry, and I have been trained up nicely to be hired once I graduate. Northern employers would be smart to take on Co-op students, and likewise Co-op students should look to the north where endless opportunity awaits.

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