Hugh Grady (Wood Products Processing)

FPInnovations, Vancouver, BC

On my second co-op work term through the department of Wood Science, I took part in a new project at FPInnovations focused on the development of wood products manufactured from underutilized wood waste, primarily from local demolition materials. The project was based in Vancouver, where annually 450,000 tons of waste wood material is either sent to the landfill or underutilized. With the growing number of demolitions in Vancouver I was inspired to be part of this timely and important initiative. As a student researcher in product development, my main objectives were focused on creating and improving the development of panel based materials from salvaged wood, and supporting the feasibility study of the project. My role gave me the opportunity to experience different sides of the project’s developmental phase from testing material to assisting with market studies.  It provided me insights into the emerging industry of repurposed, value added materials and allowed me to put into practice the knowledge I learned in the classroom while gaining experience directly related to my field of study.

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