Iain Reid (Conservation)

Parks Canada, Sidney, BC

I’d like to share with you a snapshot of my experience in the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, one of Canada’s 46 national parks. When I started this work term with Parks Canada’s Resource Conservation team, I had no idea the variety of projects I would be helping with and working on. From creating webpages and helping lead volunteer events, to beach seining in eelgrass beds and spending weeks in a row in the field, this summer has been my dream job!I have had many memorable days at work. One that stands out for me was during a search for Black Oystercatcher nests and invasive plants. During the span of this day I witnessed a pod of orcas pass by, found a cluster of about 100 banana slugs just above the shoreline, discovered that cactus grows in the Gulf Islands, assisted in a boat rescue, as well as completed the assigned field work. Days like this weren’t unusual.
I have learned a lot from my experience with Parks Canada. My species identification skills have improved a lot and I have learned many new field techniques. Working with local organizations and learning the local Gulf Islands’ politics have also been very interesting and rewarding. The connections I have made this summer will definitely be useful for future work!

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