Jane Ho (Urban Forestry)

Khowutzun Forest Services (KFS), Duncan, BC

Jane Ho

I started my first co-op work term with Khowutzun Forest Services, working as a Forestry Field Assistant in Duncan. My supervisor wanted me to see and experience multiple facets of forestry, so I had numerous opportunities to attend silviculture workshops, safety meetings, and training sessions. My typical work day encompassed driving out to the community forest and conducting silviculture surveys. Working out in the field was not as tiring as I expected, time passed swiftly and very quickly, I was able to overcome my discomforts of working in the forest environment. Not only did I acquire new work experience, but I was able to create new work relationships, explore the town I worked in, and find a sense of independence that I had not felt before. I would like to stress to students who are considering joining Co-op that the program is an incredible resource that would be a mistake to miss out on!
Without the help of the Forestry Co-op program, I would not have known how to get started on my own as a freshman, nor would I have gotten this job. With strong determination and the help of the program to give you a kick start, I believe joining Co-op can take you a long way.

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