Jill Meng (Wood Products Processing)

Tolko, Vernon, BC

Jill Meng

Working as an Export Product Coordination Co-op student at Tolko, I explored the lumber and panel sales side of the forest industry for more than four months. At the very beginning, I felt a bit overwhelmed, as all the tasks were brand new to me. But by the end I became quite confident and enjoyed what I was doing. I acquired experience in coordinating shipments from the mill to the reload and through to the end customer. I also created load plans according to product availability and overseas shipping capacity. I monitored panel production schedules, managed inventory levels and timely delivery to customers. I am glad I have joined the Co-op program. I appreciate the opportunity to work in the forestry industry before I graduate. The Co-op program has provided me a comprehensive understanding of my school subjects while gaining work experience outside of the classroom.

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