Johanna Garsson (Conservation)

BSCN – UBC Geering Up Engineering Outreach, Vancouver, BC

Johanna Garsson

For my third co-op term, I continued on with my placement at UBC Geering Up, transitioning to a Team Lead for their Online Summer Camps program. My duties transitioned towards more of an administrative role, as we transitioned our STEM curriculum into an online setting. I helped to manage the logistics and customer service portions of running our camps, as well as develop a new curriculum that would accommodate what students had available in their households. Although I was tasked curriculum that took from all disciplines of science and engineering, it was interesting getting to develop a curriculum from my area of focus using a variety of mediums! I learned how to make projects using basic block code with different software that allowed elementary students to create their own habitats, as well as ecology-themed simple games. I also created activities that would be able to be done using physical, reusable materials, such as water collectors/ filters, soil reinforcing, and many more! Despite heading into unknown territory, I had the chance to grow as an educator and learn how to build communities with all kinds of elementary-aged learners as an instructor.

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