Jongmin Lee (Wood Products Processing)

Process/Quality Control Coordinator with West Fraser in Sundre, Alberta

UBC Forestry Co-op student, Jongmin Lee, wearing safety clothing and smiling.

For my second co-op term, I was given the opportunity to assist the Quality Control team at West Fraser’s Sundre Forest Products in Alberta. Working closely with my supervisor, I was responsible for comprehensive daily visual and numerical checks for various sawmill machine centers. This assured that products are meeting the requirements for subsequent processes such as drying and planning. For my term project, I was tasked with improving the debarker’s performance in harsh winter conditions, where finding the best pressure setting to use at a given temperature was the objective. Through utilizing skills I have gained from school, I was able to create an experimental design that accurately captured machine performance data with out hindering production. This was done by taking photos of logs, then calculating the amount of bark left on the log with a image processing program called ImageJ. Using this in conjunction with Excel VBA has allowed for majority of the statistical analysis and calculations to be automated. The outcomes of the project provided the mill with a guideline pressure settings to use during winter operations and various other information that is critical to debarker performance. Ultimately, the experience I had at Sundre Forest Products allowed for me to develop as a professional in the industry, whilst being able to directly apply what I have learned in school.

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