Kathleen Sotelo (Natural Resources Conservation)

Lab and Field Assistant at UBC Tree Ring Lab in Vancouver, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op student, Kathleen Sotelo, stands in front of a giant tree, smiling.

A treacherous uphill climb across a ravine and through layers of shrubs finally leads me to my destination: the plot. This summer I’m working for Lori Daniel’s Tree Ring Lab for forest fire research. I’m currently working closely with community forests and their managers to survey various randomized plots to assess their wildfire risk. Considering the randomization of the plots on this particular day we had an unruly travel day. When we finally arrived at the plot I laid down a thirty meter transact to begin my daily job. Today it was gathering fuels data which entailed surveying the diameter of ever piece of woody debris that crossed the transept. Although not the most exciting, it’s inspiring to be part of a job that will have direct impacts on communities! Walking back, fatigued and fulfilled, we came to our next plot which had a remarkable scar on one of the trees! After every plot we always mark the trees with spray paint to remeasure them in following years. I had the great pleasure of marking this remarkable tree on this wild day. t experimenting on what sort of jobs they are the most passionate for. 

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