Kevin Mah (BSF)

Forsite – Kamloops, BC

Kevin Mah

My first Co-op work term was in the interior of BC, a marked difference from the coast of BC where I lived much of my life. It was a new experience living in a city so different from Vancouver, and a useful one too as I learned a great deal by traversing roads, boundaries, and deflection lines. I learned a lot of practical lessons, like how to drive on muddy resource roads, how to ride an ATV and load it onto a truck properly, and why it is very important to make sure the wind isn’t blowing into your face when you are using spray paint. I am enjoying the experience of overcoming the difficulties of moving in the forest like fallen logs and thick brush- something I didn’t have to deal with as much in school! I would highly recommend Co-Op to others as it really helped me strengthen and develop my resume and improve my interview skills to attain this position at Forsite.

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