Koki Fujiwara (Wood Products Processing)

Downie Timber Ltd, Revelstoke, BC

Koki Fujiwara

I was surprised by how much experience and knowledge I learned from just four months of Co-op work terms. After completing this work term, I felt like a lot of the things that I have learned in school are becoming useful, and are beginning to make more sense. As a quality control assistant at Downie Timber Ltd., I worked on a variety of different projects, including tracking lumber throughout the production line to determine how much value is lost, and improving the current data collection method by utilizing Microsoft Excel and Access, etc. I am lucky that my boss and co-workers were very friendly and supportive. I really liked working for this company because they provided me with a wide variety of tasks and left me with many challenges. I really appreciate both the Co-op Program and Downie Timber Ltd. for providing me with the practical skills and knowledge that I will never learn from the books.

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