Kristina Kshatriya (BSFS)

Michael Smith Laboratories – Vancouver, BC

Kristina Kshatriya

I started working at the Michael Smith Laboratories in January 2016 and have ended my third and final co-op term in Dr Jörg Bohlmann’s lab. The project that I have been working on in 2016 is about resin vesicles in conifer seeds. I focused on on the anatomy and ultrastructure of resin vesicles, the biochemistry of seed resins, and the development of resin vesicles in seeds throughout growing season. In addition to collecting and analyzing data, I have had the opportunity to present my results during several poster and oral presentations and am now starting to write up my results for publication. By working at the lab for a year I was able to engage in many aspects of the project that I otherwise would not have been able to do, allowing me to grow as a student and as a researcher.

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