Kristina Kshatriya (Forest Sciences)

Metsähallitus, Finland

Kristina Kshatriya

I started my first co-op term with Metsähallitus, the Finnish Forest and Parks Service, in May 2015 and had the opportunity to experience many aspects of Finnish forestry throughout that summer. My tasks changed often, which allowed me the opportunity to work at the science centre Pilke with school groups in the forest and indoors, I helped with the organization of several international and national conferences, planted trees with other university students, took forest inventory measurements with the forest planning team, and helped construct a trail with the parks and wildlife team in the Arctic Circle Hiking Area. Living and working in Lapland was an amazing experience – from learning about the impacts of reindeer husbandry on the forest to wading through Finland’s swamp ecosystems, this co-op work term allowed me to see me forestry from a new, international perspective.

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