Kurtis Hoitsema (Wood Products Processing)

Weyerhaeuser, Princeton, BC

Kurtis Hoitsema

When Weyerhaeuser hired me in January 2015, I had never worked in a sawmill facility before. Over the past two co-op terms with this amazing team of talented and driven people, I have gained an enormous amount of experience and have made many new connections. Weyerhaeuser had an excellent developmental plan in place for me that made learning the basics a breeze. After just a couple months I found myself completely submerged in my own value optimization and quality control projects. Some of my most notable projects include: Optimizing log breakdown in the saw mill, optimizing trim guidelines in the planer mill and creating new drying schedules for the kiln department. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing the positive impacts my projects have on the company. In addition to operational experience, Weyerhaeuser also gave me the opportunity to meet many vendors and customers within the industry as well as many specialists who are part of our company. Every day at work I use knowledge I was taught in class to drive decisions to better the company. UBC and the Co-op program have provided me with relevant knowledge and invaluable opportunities that will have a lasting effect on my career path.  

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