Lorry Mackay (Forest Operations)

Engineering Summer Student at Mosaic Forestry Management in Nanoose Bay, BC

UBC Forestry Co-op Student, Lorry Mackay, is standing underneath a waterfall with her thumbs up.

Working at Mosaic this summer has been the most rewarding experience of my forestry path so far!  I’ve been learning under several knowledgeable supervisors and becoming more confident in my own boundary layout skills.  I’ve been recce-ing roads and blocks mostly, with some stream traverses thrown in too.  In this photo, I was sent to a sensitive area that is to be logged to look for ‘big trees’ and bear dens that needed to be buffered out of the block.  The area was within a local watershed and I thought it was pretty cool that the water in my water bottle could’ve run through that exact block not too long ago!

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