Luca Marsaglia (Natural Resources Conservation)

LCI Nicaragua SA, Chacocente Wildlife Refuge – Jinotepe, Nicaragua

Luca Marsaglia

My work is divided between the morning and the night. In the morning I have been planting trees in the tropical dry forest in the area of Chacocente according to the reforestation project initiated by LCI Nicaragua. This morning work site includes screaming monkeys and crazy looking trees. The work is challenging sometimes because it gets very hot but the landscape and the wildlife make everything worth the effort. At night I have been collecting sea turtle eggs in order to prevent predators and people from getting to them. We collect the eggs in bags full of sand where the baby sea turtles are born. Once the babies are ready, we release them back into the ocean. I had never seen a sea turtle before in my life but I am now beginning to know and understand these beautiful creatures with the help of experts in the field. So far this Forestry Co-op work term has been unreal.

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