Marina Galvao (Natural Resources Conservation)

Lab and Field Research Assistant at Tree Ring Lab in Vancouver, BC,

During this Co-op term, I have had the opportunity to work as a lab and field research assistant for the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia. Working with the Tree Ring Lab, I have been able to acquire fieldwork experience in numerous ecosystems throughout interior British Columbia. The data collected at the different plot locations are used to determine how that particular area would respond to a fire.

My crew and I have gathered information on amount of fuels present at the site, tree canopy shape, the identity of the species in the area, amongst numerous other factors, all of which are crucial in estimating how a fire would propagate if it occurs. Furthermore, data is also collected on fire scars found on trees – helping in identifying that area’s history of fires or a lack thereof. Working with the Tree Ring Lab has taught me a lot about effective methods of studying ecosystems. It has also introduced me to a variety of beautiful landscapes, and the means of successful data collection at each one.

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