Marko Zlatic (Natural Resources Conservation)

BSCN – ISCO Canada Inc., Langley City, BC

Over the course of my co-op term I have been able to work on projects that pertain to analytics and forward thinking regarding the sustainable development of natural resource projects that require polyethylene pipe. One of my projects pertains to researching for potential projects within the hydro, geothermal and landfill industries that are in need of a sustainable piping solutions; working with contractors and engineers to devise a strategy thats practical in implementation and sustainable for ecological stability. Another project I have been working on is creating a recycling referral program where customers and colleagues can understand the importance of recycled polyethylene pipe utilizations and geographically significant locations where recycling is attainable and sustainable. All and all, I have used what I have learned with the Faculty of Forestry to help aid in the promotion of recycled polyethylene towards natural resource projects that require long-term and innovative solutions. 

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