Miaorong Zhu (Natural Resources Conservation)

Canfor – Prince George, BC

Miaorong Zhu

Ever since my first day working at Canfor, I knew it was going to be a rewarding experience. Canfor provided me with orientation and training before I started my job. I enjoyed working in the bush with people who have the same passion for forestry. This picture was taken in a helicopter on a day my crew flew into a cutblock to do some layout. The majority of my time was spent in the field conducting cutblock/road layout, road traversing, stream/riparian assessment, ecotyping, plant identification and bridge site plan. Aside from intensive fieldwork, I also get one day in the office every week. On an office day, I checked GPS data collected from the field and helped crew leaders make final packages. From fieldwork to office, every task was challenging but also rewarding. Both my supervisor at Canfor and the Co-op Coordinator at UBC were very supportive. This working experience was made possible by the Forestry Co-op Program, and it has given me the opportunity as an international student to explore the Forestry industry in BC. My ultimate goal for this Co-op term was to gain a solid knowledge of field operations and build transferable skills to become more competitive in the job market. Thanks to the Faculty of Forestry Co-op Program, I was able to get industry experience and acquire all the training and field skills I would need for my future career. I would highly recommend the Co-op Program and am looking forward to sharing my working experience with all Forestry students.

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