Michael Vela (Forestry)

Interfor, Sechelt, BC

My second and third co-op work terms are spread across two consecutive four month terms with Interfor, based out of their office in Sechelt, BC. My job has had me assisting mostly with cut-block layout and road location/design both in the field and the office. I’ve been able to learn and improve on a multitude of technical skills like compassing and GPS work, but the work experience as a whole has been the major benefit for me. I was rather unclear about what it was logging engineers did, and I had no idea what life is like for someone working in the industry. My position and its extended duration has allowed me to think about how I fare day-to-day in a job like this, and if I could see myself doing it in the future. This is knowledge that I didn’t start to obtain until beginning my work terms, and is the reason that I recommend co-op to others that are trying to determine an avenue of forestry that suits them.

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