Casey Haney (Natural Resources Conservation)

Earthwise Society

Casey Haney

During my first co-op work term, I worked at Earthwise Society. Earthwise is a not for profit organic farm and garden. In 2016, Earthwise lost their farm site in Tsawwassen due to a development project, and launched a new program called ‘Don’t Mow Grow!’. With this new program, we dug up people’s front and back yards to make small plot agriculture sites as a way to continue to grow fresh produce while connecting the community together. As the Farm and Outreach assistant I worked at the Don’t Mow Grow! Sites prepping them for plant growth. I tilled the sites using a broad fork and removed the sod. With the sod removed, it was put into a pile and straw was added as a carbon source to help with decomposition to eventually turn into compost to be spread back onto the sites. My other tasks at Earthwise also included harvesting the fresh produce and washing it for the farm store. I have also worked with volunteers and students who come to learn and help out. I have learned about how climate change and future urban development will impact agriculture and the availability of land in the future. This was a great learning experience for me and I will keep in mind everything I have learned at Earthwise throughout my schooling and future jobs.

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