Spencer Bronson (Natural Resources Conservation)

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada – Agassiz, BC

Spencer Bronson

Ever since my first day on the job here at the Research Station I knew that I was going to love my job. To date I have not had a bad day working under my employer and friend, Dennis Haak. The majority of my time has been spent preparing frozen raspberry samples from a 4 year study to have their nutrient content analyzed. I am extremely eager to perform the nutrient analysis on these samples further into the summer! Another task I have begun dealing with is the economic analysis of a recent study dealing with fertilizer rate and application method on the production and nutrient values of commercial blueberry crops. Living in Agassiz has been an amazing experience for me! Hiking, biking, canoeing and having potlatches with coworkers have occupied my free time completely. I could not possibly ask for a better co-op job than the one I occupy now! Co-op has been a huge help in my journey through university, especially with my confidence when it comes to searching for jobs and attending interviews. If it was not for co-op I would have missed out on this amazing experience in Agassiz as well as an amazing chance to expand my connections in the workforce, and because of this, I owe the Forestry Co-op Program a huge thank you!!

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