Nolita Kay (Natural Resource Conservation)

Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

As human development and urbanization expands into wild areas, the interactions between people and wildlife have increased resulting in communities eager to take on a greater sense of responsibility in co-existing with urban wildlife. The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC acts on the front lines to respond to wildlife emergencies with the goal of rehabilitating and releasing all injured or distressed wildlife. Around the clock care and feedings for the youngest wildlife patients was my fundamental role as a wildlife care assistant. This meant I was responsible for recognizing and initiating treatments, specific diets and enrichments that would enable our patients to heal and get a second chance at being wild again. Through working hands-on with a variety of species I got to improve my identification skills and become familiar with the rehabilitation plans unique to different species according to their ecological niche and behavior in nature. Forestry co-op has allowed me to have a direct contribution towards the conservation of nature and has given me a unique perspective into the dynamic of coexisting with wildlife which I will take with me and apply to my future work experiences within the forestry co-op program.

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