Rodrigo Baston (Forestry)

Celtic Reforestation, Prince George, BC

Rodrigo Baston

For my first year in the Co-op Program, I worked as a tree planter for Celtic Reforestation. I worked at several locations around Prince George, in northern BC and had the chance to see the beautiful shapes of this landscape, while spending all of my time outdoors and learning more about reforestation. As a transfer student in my first year in Canada, the Co-op Program made it possible for me to find a job, while enhancing my knowledge of forestry in BC. This was a very interesting job that gave me a chance to be out camping for the whole summer far in the forest with a few other tree planting crews, which made everyone become very close with one another. I have learned how to live a simple life with just a few city comforts and I am happy to be surrounded by many different interesting people from different provinces and countries, living a community lifestyle. Although tree planting is very physically demanding work, I have learned how to focus on doing a good job, even in difficult conditions. After tree planting, I feel that I am able to do any kind of work!

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